As of the 6th April 2018, there are policies that have been introduced across the UK regarding heating and boiler installations to cut emissions. These are big changes, broken down below.. 

The government have initiated these regulations to phase out low performing boilers, reducing the carbon emissions not just in the UK, but Europe as a whole.

The minimum efficiency level of all boilers manufactured and installed will be set at 92% ErP. New appliances will be manufactured and installed to ensure each new domestic gas boiler installation meet these ErP requirements. Note* ErP – Energy related Products 🙂

So, what does this mean for you?

Basically, if you are having a new combination boiler fitted in your home, the installation must include one of the following;

  • Smart Controls – An optimised and automated control for your heating/hot water system. This includes products such as Nest, Hive, etc which can be used from your Phone or Tablet via an app.
  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery – This component essentially recycles flue gases which would usually be lost in the atmosphere. They can they be used in combination with a number of renewable technologies and help cut water use by your boiler by up to 6%, which is helpful if you are on a water meter.
  • Weather Compensation Device – A Weather Compensator is a sensor that is installed outside the home to measure the temperature changes over time. If required the controller will adjust the boiler/heat-source heat supply to the radiators
  • Load Compensation – A Load Compensator ensures your gas boiler matches your homes heat requirements better than a simple on/off control, reducing energy wastage and maintaining comfort conditions.

By introducing this strict policy, and with £2.5billion worth of funding, the government expects these emissions targets to be met by 2020.

Its important to note though, that installers and home-owners can be prosecuted if one of the above requirements are not included in the quote/install, or if the homeowner knowingly lets the non-compliant work be carried out.

The prosecution could be a fine of up to £5000, so well worth making a note of the above if you are planning on upgrading your Combi boiler.

Try not to let this put you off upgrading if you are considering a new boiler, as the changes above wont add much in the way of cost to a combination install.

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